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We understand patient safety is the essence of Pharmaceutical industry. TMMedia deliver microbiological solutions for pharmaceutical laboratory, supporting the production and quality assurance of sterile pharmaceuticals, vaccines and biotechnological products. We provide products to test from raw materials to finished products, from environmental monitoring to microbial identification and media fill so that you can rest assured knowing that product that reaches to the end customer has been rigorously tested for quality and consistency


In a world abundant with microorganisms, advantages and risk are persistently postured to plants and the environment. Risk originates from microbial pathogens that execute an extensive variety of plant diseases, reducing agricultural productivity.
Vivaire Life manufactures a broad range of agriculturally important microbiological culture media like general Dehydrated Culture Media, Plant Pathological Culture Media associated with the study of plant-associated microbes and plant diseases. With the orientation to fulfill the demand of new knowledge from the customers required for the misuse of microbial assets in the principle casing of agricultural and agro-industrial procedures.
In the recent advancement of agriculture industry, biopesticides are enormously used by customer for manage plant diseases. Vivaire Life by its intensive research & development offers Microbiological Culture Media helps in carrying out study for isolation & cultivation of such microorganism.
We also offer Special Culture Media helps in exploring microbiology of soil fertility, such as microbial degradation of organic matter and soil nutrient transformations like – Peptone Inorganic Salt Medium (Ammonification), Inorganic Salt Medium (Nitrification), Asparagine Nitrate Medium (Denitrification), Pikovskaya’s Agar (Phosphate Solubilization), Sulphate Reducing Medium (Sulphur Reduction), Iron Oxidizing Medium (Iron Oxidization).


Clinical Microbiology is one of the broad and emerged segment of Microbiology that studies the microbes which can cause infectious diseases for the development of new diagnostic technologies and new therapeutic treatments. We are frequently exposed and surrounded by such infection causing microorganisms. Such microbes can cause a mild infection to even death. Therefore, it is mandatory to have the appropriate knowledge and early detection of such micro-organisms for current therapeutic strategies, especially for clinical microbiologist.
We are offering a wide range of Culture Media, Chromogenic Media, Transport Medium, Antibiotic Senstivity Discs, Lab Consumables to fulfils the requirements in Diagnostic Laboratories at an affordable price. It is an initiative to improve the quality and safety standards efficiently so that the objective of providing excellence in such labs is achieved. To provide accuracy in results, Vivaire Life maintains its stringent Quality Standards for a long time.


Keeping all our esteemed customers in mind, we provide extensive range of ready to use plates as a part of user-friendly and reliable solutions that make it easier for you to comply with your regulatory environment while improving workflow and productivity.


Food Microbiology is the examination of the microorganisms that inhabit, produce, or contaminate food. Its significance is the investigation of microorganisms causing food deterioration and spoilage.
Food quality and safety are two of the foremost difficult issues within the modern regulatory situation that are of extraordinary worry to today’s wellbeing conscious customers.
Vivaire Life encompasses a broad range of Food Microbiological Culture Media (as per APHA, ISO); those are useful to determine out the microorganisms which can cause Food spoilage is an enormous economic problem worldwide.


Life is seldom this straightforward, and water and wastewater microbiology is no exemption. Emerging water-borne pathogens causing bacterial diseases like cholera, typhoid fever and bacillary dysentery, etc. oblige us to have a more profound comprehension of water microbiology.
Vivaire Life is glad to offer an extensive range of products for contemporary water and wastewater microbiology, particularly for water and wastewater engineers.
This connects Vivaire Life indirectly with the study of water and wastewater microbiology which is incredibly rewarding: better water treatment, better wastewater treatment, safer wastewater reuse, and thus healthier individuals – in all parts of the globe.